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It's no longer news to us how the rate of unemployment is on the increase rate in Nigeria, and that has made many youths getting frustrated these days. But its said that necessity is the mother of invention. We can not fold our hands and watch ourselves suffer in poverty because govt has not given us jobs. We are the govt, and we can get ourselves a better job that pays higher than what employers can pay and still live comfortably and enjoy ourselves. It's time we have to wake up from our slumber,we are now in 21st century unlike during times of our parents when all they know is to go school, get certificate and get a job, work for others and get retired been tied to a specified salary which most time don't meet up with our daily needs and don't allow us to have time with our families. Imagine waking up by 5 am daily and come back late at night that we don't even take good care of our kids making them prone to many severe social mingle with bad company. Looking at how things are in Nigeria one can explicitly say that things are getting out of hand, and if we don't find means to earn a good living now and stop waiting on the govt, we may end of going to bed most nights hungry. Take a look at how people are laid off, if you do not know read from these links

1. 3,000 Civil Servants has been sacked by Imo State Government:

2. 700 staffs of FCMB reported sacked few hours ago:

3. Zenith Bank sacks over 1200 employees:

4. Trouble in the oil sector as 3200 Nigerians face sack:

5. "Shell and chevron to sack 18500 workers, they are shutting down operations.

- O'Tega Shefere

Now that Workers are getting sacked here and there. The question is, Do you have plan B?
Now let's do the maths:

Average Employee.@60,000

10 hours per day. N2142 per day. 150 gala sausage made per day
70 hours per week. N15,000 per week. 1050 gala sausage weekly
280 hours per month.N60,000 per month. 4200 gala sausage monthly
3360 hours per year. N720,000 per year. 50,400 gala sausage made yearly

--- The Average Owner that's having you make more gala sausage than he's paying you this year:
No set schedule. No clocking in and out.
Average sandwich = N50
150 gala sausage = N7,500 per day
1050 gala sausage= N52,500 per week
4200 gala sausage = N210,000 per month
50,400 gala sausage = N2,520,000 per year

Now let's Look at The Income You're Taking Home before Taxes on Pay Every 2 weeks, monthly and yearly + or - a few N
N30,000.00 every two weeks.
N60,000.00 every month.
N720,000.00 per year.

YOU Do The Dirty Work while CEOs and Presidents sit at the top of the Pyramid and Collect off your Hard work while you give up time you can't get back to "Survive" in life, and somehow this is considered as normal in society.
N720,000 is Yearly Income Not Monthly!?

"The Rich are Getting Rich, and the Poor are staying Poor, because if you don't have enough money to open up your Own Business, Then You're Stuck Working for Someone Who Does."

Again you use your calculator you will find out that you are doing SLAVE work

You earn N60,000 monthly right? Divide it by 30 days you will get N2,000 daily. Now go and ask all the Okada people in the street if there are days they don't make up to N4,000 daily But worst part is that majority of graduates are wearing suit,don't sleep well daily and don't have time for their partners,wives,husbands,kids or even themselves yet they don't get paid more than N30,000. That's why most people work all their lives and they won't even be able to build a house and buy cars till they die. Some people do start borrowing money before the month ends to be able to feed so that when they get paid they refund their lender. TILL WHEN WILL YOU STOP LEAVING SUCH A FRUSTRATED LIFE?

Take your time and check most of all time successful people are not an office or company workers. They are independent people. Get me right, am not saying that going to school and get a certificate is bad NO but after all the suffering to acquire the papers you should have the joy to having it and it should help solve almost all your financial problems but when you don't even earn enough, how can it help you?

Have you thought about the condition of those who are affected by the above reports of the sack? What is their fate if they have no other means of income? Who is going to feed them and should it be it is family man or woman who is the bread winner, what are they going to do or do they go and die because of hunger? This is time you need to sit down and plan your future and do what you can do that will favour you.
How long are you going to continue been a slave by working like elephant and eat like an ant? How long are you going to be answering someone SIR and always serving them like God? How long are you going to be submitting CV to companies and be doing fasting to get employed yet fail? How long are you going to be begging people for money? How long are you going to be hidding from landlord because of your house rent? HOW LONG ARE YOU GOING TO BE TAGGED "POOR MAN"?

Its not your fault that you were born poor but its is YOUR fault if you die poor. We are in an era where there are thousand ways to succeed, all you need is information and guide, and that's why am going to lead you to something that not only can but MUST change your life if you apply it

Have you heard of networking business before? Well I know your face has changed because we are familiar with the name and tag of TOO HARD TO SUCCEED but I want to give you a secret why most network businesses don't work well in Nigeria, that's because most has one or two products they sell and looking at it most of the products are EXPENSIVE for the masses to afford. This is reason why I took my time make research for a good networking business that has bright prospect and easy to succeed WITHOUT SELLING ANY PRODUCT. This is AMAZING because it's designed in such a way that once you get the necessary information you will be sitting in the comfort of your home and be counting huge amount of money($$$) daily,weekly and monthly and not only that go on expense paid trips,enjoy good life and wealthy.In fact this will CHANGE YOUR LIFE COMPLETELY. With this you are going to QUIT that peanut paying jobs because you will be earning far above it yet have time for yourself.

Lets get to the point right away. This networking business am talking about is called HELPING HAND INTERNATIONAL(H2i)

The networking business work in such a way that you can always view your earnings from your acct when you become a member.Thanks to technology we all have phone which makes everything easy and also with help of social media we can always get to the top within a very short time


Helping Hands International is an organisation with a core mission to touch lives and empower people.

Helping Hands International offers:
1. Humanitarian service,
2. Skill acquisition service
3. Asset/ property support services
4. Financial Empowerment & Loan facilities.
5. Scholarship awards services

It is an empowerment scheme that has multi-dimensional targets. But some of the core areas of targets and empowerments scheme are:
1. Help to the less privileged (Orphans, Widows and Handicapped)

2. Gives free interest and non-collateral loan to the partners in order to enhance their businesses

3. Gives free skill acquisition and intensive business training to partners and employ partners who are professional in any skill for salary

4. Gives scholarship award and funds to partners to ensure quality education for partners children

5. Assets and property acquisition support services

6. Offers excellent co-operative club for any interested partners


The three core projects of Helping Hands are:

1. Humanitarian services (Help to the needy, widows, orphans and handicapped)

2. Human Capacity Development for Sustainable wealth creation (Free skill acquisition services to members)

3. Passive and Residual Income for proper financial empowerment of its members

The core VALUE of Helping Hands PARTNERS is reaching out to the needy and to wipe away poverty from our people. Helping Hands Empowerment scheme is practical for the following categories of people:

1. Ordinary people who are determined to succeed and achieve greatness to become extraordinary

2. Employees, self-employed, low-income earners, businessmen, unemployed graduates and unskilled labourers who are committed to change their financial struggles for better

3. The retired but not tired who still desire to make a difference (like Grandma)

4. The rich that wish to obey scripture in touching lives and empowering the poor

5. Everyone who is tired of interests and bank loan. Who are also willing, determined to relocate from financial hardship to the world of financial freedom.


In Helping Hands International... there are 2 types of donations :

1. The Freewill (Voluntary) donation : typical of which we give in our different churches and mosques to help the needy in offering boxes

2. The Business Plan donation... which I guess its why we all are here
Now... in this business plan... all we do is donate and refer
We refer our friends and families to do what we have done... and the company pays us some commissions

To become a Help Partner... each person is expected to donate a one-time membership fee of 6600 ($40)
N6600 gives you 1 H2i earning acct
N13200 gives you 2 H2i earning accts
N19800 gives you 3 H2i earning accts
N46,200 gives you 7 accts ( all stage 1)

Now.. irrespective of the donation plan you choose... it is ONLY a one-off donation. No renewal... no dues
There are 5 stages of earnings in Helping Hands International (H2i)


Stage 1 - The Associate stage
Each person u refer to donate and join u earns u $8 instantly.
In stage 1... all you need is 6 people ( direct or indirect referrals)
By direct referrals... I mean the people you sign up directly using your username as sponsor which earns you $8)

By indirect referrals, I mean people you get from ur uplines or downlines as spills. Spills are left over food. Your upline or downline has already referred that person and earns $8, but the person drops in your matrix to help fill it for you to move to another stage or level)

In Stage 1... 6 people are needed to complete it
If u registered with 6600... you'll need to refer 6 people for you to be able move Into stage 2
If u registered with 13200.. you'll need 5 persons
If u registered with 19800.. you'll need 4 persons
If u registered with 46,200... its automatic ticket to Stage 2

Now... in H2i, Positioning matters. And multiple accounts rock!

What this means is that.... 19800 partners will earn the dollars x 3, get 3 laptops, 3 Dubai trips, 3 Elantras


In 19800 registration... what you do is simply duplicating yourself in 3 places before you refer any person so that when you eventually refer... those people will be working for your 3 accts

Earnings in Stage 1 are as follows :
For each person you refer... you earn $8 instant
If you refer 2 people... you'll make $8 x 2 = $16
If dey do they will also earn $16, while H2i gives you a bonus of $10 as a stage completion bonus making it a total of $26

That is: $16 + $10 = $26 and you'll be moved into stage 2
If you refered all 6 people needed in Stage 1... you will earn
$8 x 6 = $48 + stage completion bonus of $10. $48 + $10 = $58 and you be moved Into stage 2

The official exchange rate of H2i is N165/$1

And that is the standard rate nationwide... the economy inflation of dollars doesn't affect it in anyway


Stage 2 - Master Stage
In.this stage.. it is TEAMWORK

Stage 2 has 5 levels of earning
All you need work with is the 6 people you had in Stage 1
Stage 2 comprises of those 6 people you had in stage 1, and ALL the people those 6 and their teams will refer!
This is why is it called a Team Work Stage. None of us can do it alone!
Further explanation:

Stage 2 has 5 levels
When all the 6 people u brought earlier joins you in stage 2... You will receive a bonus of $100 (N16,500)
Stage 2 level 1 - Nil
Stage 2 level 2 - $100 (N16,500)
Stage 2 level 3 - $200 (N33,000)
Stage 2 level 4 - $300 (N49,500)
Stage 2 level 5 - $400 (N66,000)

Every partner needs a total of 62 ALL STAGE 2 people to complete the stage!
This simply means that : if u brought in A, B, C, D, E & F.... that is your 6 people
A is to bring 6 partners
B is to bring 6 partners
C is to bring 6 partners
D is to bring 6 partners
E is to bring 6 partners
F is to bring 6 partners


Counting all from A- F is the TOTAL PARTNERS THAT COMPRISES YOUR TEAM. And as the new 6s keeps coming in and duplicating.... that is how ur stage 2 is being filled and hence completed
Now the simplest ideology here is: if everyone you sign up brings in 2 person each you discovered that stage 2 completion is achievable within 1 month's time

The Official H2i exchange rate is N165/$1
So $1000 = N165,000

Additional incentives for stage 2:
Customised Window 8 Hp Laptop or an iPad
As soon as you get ur Stage 2 level 5 $400... you are moved into Stage 3
Stage 3 also is TEAMWORK

All their downlines... counts for you
Stage 3 also has 5 levels of earning
Stage 3 level 1 - $200 (33K)
Stage 3 level 2 - $300 (49,500)
Stage 3 level 3 - $500 (82,500)
Stage 3 level 4 - $500 ( 82,500)
Stage 3 level 5 - $1500 ( 247,500)
Total earnings in Stage 3 is $3000 ( N495,000)

The beautiful thing about h2i, is that you earn as you finish each level, so you are motivated to the next level to Conquer it.


Additional incentives :
Latest model of Customised keyless Hyundai Elantra Car
You recommend 2 persons ( family or less privileged person for empowerment and H2i gives you $2000 (330K) for them

Q: What is H2i?
A: H2i is an international NGO that empowers and touch peoples lives especially the less privileged.
Google www.helpinghandinternational/biz for more information.

Q: How can I benefit from it?
A: Your registration money is a donation toward

Looking at I t,this is a team work,I know your question now is HOW AM I GOING TO BE GETTING PEOPLE EASILY? Well its not going to be hard for you because I have designed a platform where we work as a team,I want to help at least 2,000 people start been independent and begin to live the live they deserve, BE THEIR OWN BOSSES. Wake up when they want and go where they want having enough money in their bank accts


All you need is to join this facebook group HEALTH AND WEALTH WITH JOHN OGBONNA(Don J.O.E)  I will be helping all in my group to build their network tree as they too will be inviting for themselves but with a group work within a short time everyone will be earning nothing less than N100,000 monthly with ease. I will be helping all in my group to build their network tree as they too will be inviting for themselves but with a group work within a short time everyone will be earning nothing less than N100,000 monthly with ease

Have you seen how just N6,600 can change your life for better within a very short time, so you quit looking for a job or leave your current peanut paying jobs?


The ball is in your hands now to choose what to do for a better tomorrow for you and your family

Check the official website for further enquiries

You can call me 08180987294
Skype: Donjoehealth

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  1. H2i Is Too Good To Be Real!
    These were the words of Prof. Emiola(LAUTECH)
    when I met him in his Ibadan residence on H2i.
    He's registrying 100accts(#660,000). The next day
    he invited me to LAUTECH to tutor his PGD
    students. The rich and successful look for
    opportunities but the poor waits and
    He answered and said, Whether he(Jesus) be a
    sinner or no, I know not: one thing I know, that,
    whereas I was blind, now I see. John 9:15. So
    whether they believe or not, one thing I know is
    that; I was poor🚶🏿 but
    now I am rich🏃I was living low🚶 but now I'm living
    large I was stressed but now I am comfortable. I
    am a tenant but soon I will be a landlord(2 plots
    gotten). I am still taking taxi and Okada but by
    December I will be an owner of at least 2 Hyundai
    Elantra. I was laptopless but not I have
    2laptops . In just 5month in H2i. My story has
    changed. To God alone be all the glory. Now u see
    why it will be very stupid and downgrading for me
    to beg anyone to join Helping Hands International
    (H2i). I will only advise them to, for change of
    status. #6600 can change ur story permanently.
    H2i rocks! Olahcash cares. Movement team moves
    ur matrix! And Billionaire Minds say; You are the
    next billionaire the world is waiting for. Good day.
    Join us today!